Can A Printable Monthly Calendar Save You From Sea Pirates?

Are you using a printable monthly calendar to guide you through this month?

Let’s see… you’ve got your days all neatly planned out… you know what projects need to be finished this week, and exactly what needs to be done this month. Right?

Heck, you know what’s urgent, and even when you can take time out for a quick holiday…


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If your answer is yes, that’s good news. You’re excused and you may leave the e-table.

But if you’re not… Listen up. I’m sure you know that goal setting is the secret to success in life. Life is rather too important to leave to chance, don’t you think?

What if you could plan out your life much like you plot the course a ship will take for a safe passage through the treacherous seas?

Knowing how you will carefully avoid the infamous and dangerous ‘ship-sinker’ reef, the occasional, mean-spirited, gun toting pirates, and the giant ‘electrically-charged’ squid, makes a lot of ‘life preserving’ common sense…

After all, you want to have a safe passage to the exotic, island paradise that will be your next port of call. Preferably with everyone arriving in one piece, and with all aboard feeling somewhat thrilled.

Now are you beginning to see just how important a ‘life blueprint,’ or printable monthly calendar could be for you?

It may even save your life!


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Just as you want to get your ‘ship of life’ to the desired destination, so do you want to achieve the beautiful dreams and ambitions you hold dearly in your heart. Whatever you do, don’t flutter these dreams away.

Nourish them with care and attention. Capture them on the point of your pen and get them firmly down into your printable monthly calendar. You’ll be amazed at what power a little bit of ‘writing down important stuff’ does for you. It’ll work wonders.

Now you may be thinking, which calendar should I use?

Good question. You probably know that there’s so many different printable calendars out there that just selecting one becomes an almighty chore. So, to make it easier for you I have created a selection of ‘wrestle your dreams into fruition’ calendars at my site:

Remember that by specifically using a ‘printable’ monthly calendar you’ll be able to ‘see’ your short-term, targets goals, for each and every month.

You’ll also know if you’ve achieved your short term goals, (or not), too. Put your calendar on the wall where you can regularly run your eyes over it, and make sure you’ve marked out those little ‘days you’re going to have that super duper project completed.’ (Hint: be realistic!)

Breaking your short term goals into monthly sized ‘do-able’ chunks helps you achieve, and get ‘ambitiously’ confident as you travel the long road towards your big, ‘most-important’ life goals.

So, what’s the lesson then? It’s simple. Use a printably monthly calendar to guide you through life, help you achieve your dreams, and equally as important… avoid those pirates!

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