Ballet Petit Dancers

Ballet Petit is a ballet school known throughout Fremont for the wonderful performances shown by their professional ballet dancers. The company actually started as a nursery school, but was transformed to a ballet company as they continue to attract students of ballet at the entire Fremont area. According to recent researches, Ballet Petit is now composed of more than 200 students of all ages, genders and abilities.

Ballet Petit is run and managed by professional ballet dancers. Today, about ten main personnel are responsible for handling all of the company’s tasks. They offer training programs and workshops for their students, and they try their best to bring up the greatest performances available, which they haven’t failed to do.

Who are these people? Well, note that they are all prided as the Ballet Petit dancers. Here are they:

* Peggy Peabody – This woman is actually the artistic director and founder of Ballet Petit. She had been involved with ballet for most of her life, as she started joining ballet dancing and enjoyed it at the age of seven. Peabody appeared onstage for different performances and those experiences are what molded her into what she is right now – the most celebrated Ballet Petit dancer.

* Darlene Spinardi Brower – Here is the assistant director of Ballet Petit who also happens to be a Ballet Petit dancer. Darlene has been teaching ballet at the company since 1987. She teaches students of the art at all levels, from the amateurs to professionals. She also appear onstage, along with the other Ballet Petit dancers, performing most of the classical ballets known to man, such as Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Coppelia.

* Omar Shabazz – Mr. Omar, as what his colleagues fond to call him, is but another well-known Ballet Petit dancer who has been dancing for years now. He was first trained in ballet at the Oakland Technical High School, and that he danced for Oakland Ballet until the year 1997 when he joined Ballet Petit. Just like the Peggy and Darlene, Omar also appeared in most of the performances produced by the school.

* Joy Gim – This woman achieved his artistic success fully when she joined the Ballet Petit company. She taught ballet dancing at schools and she has been the principal dancer of the Oakland Ballet for about 18 years. Gim danced many of the lead roles of the ballets produced by the Ballet Petit.

* Heidi Becklenberg – Heidi is another well-known Ballet Petit dance who has been dancing and teaching ballet education at the company for about two years. She also appeared in some of the most prestigious performances developed by the other professional ballet companies such as the Boston Ballet and Ballet Oklahoma.

* Lauren van den Heuvel – This woman was a former student of Ballet Petit. She is acclaimed as one of the best Ballet Petit dancers and it is due to her great ability that she was considered for teaching ballet in the company itself. Lauren is the Ballet Petit dancer who has spent most of her life dancing on the dance floor of Ballet Petit.

There are other notable dancers in Ballet Petit, but so far those above mentioned names were the ones who contributed a greater part to the success of this dancing school.


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